Pave your way through life.

Get activity images

Monitor your fitness level

Dynamically rename activities

Generate activity videos

What's Paving?

Personal Heatmap

 Since Paving has access to the users activity data, we can plot some awesome heatmaps like the one here (this one is mine)!

Pictures from your runs/rides

 Paving is coupled with your Strava activities. Once you upload a ride or run like you usually do, it pulls the route data out of it. Then, the data is being processed and parsed to the right format to be sent to Google. The end product of this process is the e-mail that you receive after each uploaded activity. It contains propositions of images from the route you've just taken, that you can upload to your Strava profile right away.

Activity Images Sample

Activity videos

 Paving has a built-in hyperlapse generation tool. You can create a video with one click only for any activity that you have uploaded to Strava! Enjoy the sample clip!

Monitor your fitness

 Paving is also a reporting tool. It analyses and processes your activity data and presents it in a form of various charts, giving you insights in your daily routine, weekly, monthly and yearly activity breakdown and progress in your fitness.

 With Paving, you can enjoy keeping an eye on your fitness level and gain interesting insights on how your body is feeling! Information you get include Week-On-Week comparisons based on training intensity, burned calories, number of activity uploads and time spent excercising. You can view your most and least active times of the day and the week, or compare previous months and years!

Naming Rules Sample

Automated activity naming

 Bored of Strava's Afternoon Run convention? Now you can create your own! Paving allows setting naming rules based on the activity type - Not only can you set a static name, but also use various placeholders, such as the day of the week, time of the day, location, weather, date and training intensity!